Young Writer's Page

I always ask young writers to send me their own versions of a chapter or extract from my book, Brotherhood of Shades.

The very best ones win signed copies of my book, and a place for their extract on these pages.


“Adam, nothing in the world is read for its purpose. No one can ever understand the mysteries that lurk beyond the living, but you, you are one step ahead of us. You just don’t know it.”

Adam wandered back to the window to catch a glimpse of the destroyed town. From the day he was abandoned, Adam never knew the true meaning of love. He had been taken in by D’Scover as a foster carer but he had never shown him the true meaning of this rare trait. But he had the next best thing.

The next day, Adam went downstairs to the library. His first priority was to find the prophecy or at least a copy of it. After relentless attempts to find it, he final found a copy of it in an old book. The prophecy read – “On the nineteenth day of the fourth month a boy shall be abandoned. Shield us from the powers of evil. He shall restore the peace that once protected our mere opposites. The other side.”

He read the extract again…again…and again. Full of dismay he threw the book down in anger.

“Is that it?” he thought.

Adam had expected a grand large scroll oozing with information, but instead he got this. He went back upstairs. Ever since he got adopted by D’Scover he had stayed at D’Scover’s school, St Fin. He hadn’t really got any friends so he was always alone. Isolated. An outcast. But when the holidays came and everyone else left he would have the whole school to himself.

“Oh the joy,” he thought, “of not having to keep your head down trying not to get noticed by anyone else.”

“Adam, are you in there?” said D’Sccover.

“He probably isn’t in here,” said an unfamiliar voice.

“Oh, Adam, there you are. I have been meaning to talk to you about your recruitment into the Brotherhood. To become an official member we need to know that you are the true prophesised boy. The astrologer psychic who prophesised you also made other prophecies. If you really are the Chosen One you will be able to find out what the prophecy means.”

Adam looked perplexed. He could hardly fortell the weather let alone an old oracle, but he was determined he could do it.

“Fine. What’s this prophecy then?”

“Well, here you are. You have forty days to work out what this is about and who they are prophesising about. Good luck!

D’Scover and the stranger went away leaving Adam and the prophecy alone. Adam had to do this. He had to succeed.

But could he?


Written by Mannab

IF you would like to complete a chapter for me, and try to win a free signed copy of Brotherhood of Shades, download the extract here - and then drop me a line on the contact form.

Adam ran quickly towards D’Scover.

“Here, let me help.”

As he reached his hands towards the floor, a swish of blue magical glitter guided the pieces together back into a whole. Adam stood back in astonishment at himself as well as D’Scover.

Laughing with happiness, D’Scover told him, “See, boy, you can do anything if you believe. Try and return the substance.”

The mixed emotion of happiness and astonishment left his face in unsureness.

After hours of building up his confidence he decided to do it again. He shut his eyes tight and left his face in ease this time. As again the room flickered in and out of focus but with sharper red sparks. From his head down to his ankles he shook. The red sparks spread across the room like butter on toast. He was finally doing it!

A few moments passed and his confidence grew stronger than weaker. He did it. Happiness swept back onto his face. Yellow and purple wishes flew around him like clueless birds.


Written by Malinda

Adam was helpless. He felt like his head would erupt into one thousand tiny pieces. He couldn’t take it. He was going too mad. Everything had happened too quickly. One minute he was a lifeless person wandering about the depths of hell, the next he is an escapee that got out of the underworld. Next thing you know he is being told that he is the subject of a prophecy! Well he didn’t want anything to do with it. However he felt a tinge of guilt. D’Scover had said that hell was breaking loose. Literally. Spirits were rising, ghosts were haunting, there were signs of zombie attacks! And his death. His death. He still remembered it all too well.

It had started off as a normal day. He had woken up to a very sunny, lovely, beautiful day. He had got dressed in his school uniform, had breakfast, brushed his teeth and went to school. On his way back however, things were very different.

Adam’s detention had ended a bit late in the afternoon. It was the middle of January and it was very dark. Pools of black ink had enveloped the night sky, wrapping around the world like an anthracite blanket. As Adam walked along his normal route he heard some rustling in nearby bushes. He went back to look at what had made the noise. A decision he would regret.

“Is anyone there?” he asked out loud.

The noises stopped.

“It must have been a squirrel,” he thought to himself.

Then, a ghostly monster hurled itself towards him. Its eyes were crimson red, its skin pale white. It grabbed Adam by the throat and threw him to the ground. The creature ripped out Adam’s throat, blood oozed out of what had once been a healthy neck. As Adam lay dying the creature attacked again. Then everything went black…


Written by Victor