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The new National Curriculum demands that all infant and primary school pupils now learn about British history starting with prehistory. My bestselling book, Skara Brae, was specifically written to support learning and understanding of this subject at KS1 and 2.


To help children engage with this difficult subject area I provide hugely successful workshops for school years 2 - 6 based around British prehistory. The workshops are fun and hands-on with objects to inspire creative writing and drawing around the theme of British prehistory. These events are centred on the Neolithic site of Skara Brae. I aim to place the child's imagination in the Neolithic so that they can gain a solid understanding of what it was like to live at Skara Brae over 4500 years ago.


The workshops support both history and literacy teaching at KS1 and 2, and can be tailored to fit specific schemes of work within the school. 


Future books for publication in my series "Prehistoric Britain" include Stone Circles and Hill Forts and these subjects can also be covered in my school workshops.


Workshops vary in cost depending on location and number of classes, but a rough guideline figure is £250 for a half day (morning or afternoon) £450 for a full day (within school hours) covering as many classes as required within the timeframe. This includes all materials for use on the day, worksheets sent in advance for preparation, follow-up support where required and a free copy of my book, Skara Brae, for the school library.


My book can also be made available for parents and children at a significant discount off the RRP - please ask for details at time of booking.


To make an enquiry, please use the contact form provided.

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