Other writing

As well as fiction, I write children's non-fiction and advise on content for fiction and non-fiction books for younger readers. I have created glossaries and indices for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 non-fiction, as well as contributing content to many non-fiction books for younger readers. I have worked extensively with educational publishers preparing such content for children, and creating resources and materials both for publication and for use in the classroom.


My most recent book is The Book of Worth


Some girls never forget... 
Everyone thinks that they know Cathy. To her parents she is depressive problem to be fixed. To her teachers she is the quiet girl with good grades. To her neighbor, Gavin, she is the damaged girl who walks alone at night. To Danny she is the lost soul that he wants to hold on to. To Emma she is the dead weight she can’t get rid of. To her group of friends she is a freak that they tolerate. 
Then there was the long summer, the summer that one of the girls got away with murder and wrote it all down in a journal – The Book of Worth. Now three people are dead, Cathy has vanished, and so has The Book. 

The Book of Worth is a powerful and dark story for young adults told from multiple viewpoints in the voices of the central characters. 


Published in ebook format by Atlantic YA Press - Dec 2015