Support for teachers

"I was feeling really jaded as a teacher but I left Dawn's course feeling so inspired and ready to go back and tackle things afresh."


Jacinda, Year 6 teacher (delegate on course: Inspiring Reluctant Readers)


"I must confess that I was having serious doubts about the ability of my pupils to pass a Level 6 SAT, but was under pressure to put them through it. Dawn showed me how to make this an easier process for all of us and now we're all looking forward to it!"


Dan, Year 6 teacher (delegate on course: Level Six SATs Success)




For school staff I am experienced in delivering inset and inhouse training for all literacy issues including:

  • Raising literacy to "Outstanding"

  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar for teachers - how to prepare your pupils for the SPaG SATs!

  • Raising reading levels for disengaged pupils

  • Challenging and motivating the more and less able pupils in your classes

  • Creatively tackling bullying (including homophobic bullying) 

  • Supporting literacy for teaching assistants

  • Making your literacy vital and fun!

  • How to get your good readers, to be great readers

  • Level 6 SATs success

...and all aspects of raising literacy and creative writing standards in schools, as well as school library consultancy.


I have been delivering these courses with fantastic results all over the UK for the last five academic years. I divide my time between Scotland and the South-East and so I am happy to take on insets all over the UK.


All courses can be adapted for delivery to staff and pupils at any level and prices vary from £400 - £600 depending on time, needs, numbers, distance and materials required.