School visit quotes...

"Dawn Finch visited The Emmbrook School as part of National Children's Book Week and talked to students about her book, Brotherhood of Shades, the writing and publishing process. She enthralled them with tales of ghosts, hooded monks and things that go bump in the night, and has enthused several of them to write their own stories for our annual in-house Halloween writing competition."

Barbara Band, Librarian at Emmbrook School and Past President of CILIP


"During Children’s Book Week, Dawn Finch gave an inspiring presentation to groups of year 8 students at Sandhurst School. Speaking about her book, she not only captivated them with tales of ghosts, but also got them thinking about preconceptions and symbolism: why does a classmate moving among us become scary just by donning a costume? Dawn’s ultimate message to students: work hard to achieve your dream." Tina Marshall, Librarian, Sandhurst School


"Dawn came to Sandringham School following the publication of her book, to speak to our Year 7s. She gave a down to earth, inspiring and enthusiastic talk that kept our students totally engaged” Margaret Southgate, Librarian, Sandringham School


 "I read your book and was thoroughly amazed at the sheer awesomeness of it!"

Madeleine, Yr 6


"I'd love to be a writer and now I've met Dawn I reckon I can do it. She never gave up!"

Year 8 boy


"That was really funny and some proper spooky bits too, I love ghost stories so I'm going to have a go at writing better ones myself."

Year 7 boy


Book Reviews.....

Top author Jonathan Stroud kindly read my book for me and sent this.... His reply has been edited for spoilers!


"Well, I thought I should just send my congratulations over, as I've just finished reading Brotherhood of Shades. I thought it was great! I enjoyed it hugely - really good stuff........... I was really impressed by the detail and intricacy of the way you worked through your imagined world - it felt (ironically given the insubstantial nature of the protagonists!) densely three-dimensional, and it was a real pleasure to immerse myself in it. I liked the three main characters, and came to care about them. And I was particuarly moved by the account of Adam's life and death - there was real poignancy in your descriptions there. I loved a lot of the visuals too - the vista of London seen outside time, with all the buildings from different ages overlapping was fab, and the scraps with Fire were very well realised. I could smell the scorching! I enjoyed the dubious Bill Lawton too.... The build to the climax was great - I found it especially hard to put down over the last 100 pp and I was grimly pleased to see that my suspicions were correct............. 



From the British Fantasy Society....

"With Brotherhood of Shades, Finch has proven herself to be an author to watch. Her characters are well rounded, and the plotline develops quickly, building towards the thrilling conclusion."